Meganika Modular Plant Design (MPD)

Meganika Modular Plant Design

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Tailings Reintroduction Pocket Belt Conveyor

Design_Pocket Belt 1
Meganika was approached by a leading diamond mine to produce a conceptual design for an automated materials handling system to convey coarse tailings from their existing recovery plan back into the crushing and screening plant for reprocessing.
The goal was to provide a fully costed, mobile, modular system, covering everything required to reintroduce the coarse tailings material into the feed opening of an existing Sandvik tertiary crusher. The design focused on a complete materials handling solution consisting of a hopper landing frame, a vibrating feeder and a 500mm width pocket belt conveyor, as well as all associated chutes. The feed material (coarse tailings) would be deposited into the existing crusher feed chute with minimum or no modification to the existing equipment and layout, as far as possible.
The customer specification called for a cost-effective, non-permanent mobile structure. Furthermore, the layout of the installation needed to be such that it would leave ample space for maintenance vehicles to have access to the main plant. The structure could also not interfere with maintenance on the existing tertiary crusher.
The equipment was designed to be mobile without any permanent fixing to the existing structure. The head end of the pocket belt cantilevers over the crusher feed opening. All equipment is free-standing, and can be dragged/lifted out of the way for maintenance purposes.
Detailed design of the pocket belt conveyor was completed including mechanical sizing of all equipment and structural analysis for the pocket belt conveyor frame. The general arrangement design for this project was successfully completed and project costing was supplied to the client for a turn key solution.

Modular Waste Wood Gasifier

Place Holder
Meganika was approached by a leading office furniture manufacturing company to find a solution to their wood waste problem. The objective was to reduce or eliminate the high cost of waste to landfill while at the same time exploiting the waste wood as a source of energy.
Meganika has approached this challenge using a formal product development strategy to target a larger market than just one client, thereby addressing the greater need for sustainable, cost effective waste processing in the industry.
A review of existing technologies revealed modular gasification as the most viable solution. The Meganika gasifier meets the following requirements:

  • A small scale industrial unit, capable of processing between 5 and 50 tons of waste wood per month (25 to 250kW capacity).
  • Able to produce electrical power as a standard output delivered directly to the client’s distribution board.
  • Optional further heat recovery system.
  • Easy to operate and robust enough to accept various fuel types.
  • Capable of continuous operation.
  • Complies to all relevant environmental emissions standards.
  • Cost effective and maintenance-friendly design.

All systems and parts have been fully designed and developed by Meganika.
The gasification unit and the gas conditioning system is provisionally patented, and full patents will be sought once final build is complete.


Single Flap Valve

Design_Flap Valve 1Design_Flap Valve 2

The single flap valve provides a cost-effective means to discharge batches of free-flowing bulk material ranging in particle size while maintaining a low- pressure air seal when the valve is in the closed position. If used in a dual flap setup the air seal is maintained in operation as only one flap opens at a time. Typical applications include metered batch feeding processes.

The unit can operate as a single flap valve, or as a dual (double) unit.

The motor is fully controllable and provides full control over the opening frequency and speed.

Size range:200×200 – 500x500mm
Materials of constructionMild steel/Stainless steel/VRN as required
Valve seat:Silicone rubber/steel/brass
No of flaps:Single/Dual
Temperature: Ambient to 250°C
Max cycle rate:0-15cycles/min
Actuator:Electric/pneumatic, gravity opening
Flange bolting:As required

Dual Butterfly Valve System

Design_Butterfly Valve 1Design_Butterfly Valve 2
The dual butterfly valve provides a cost-effective means to discharge hot, dry, powdery or granular materials such as fly ash, charcoal, filter/baghouse dust from process while maintaining a low- pressure air seal. Typical applications include handling of discharge from baghouse filters, electrostatic filters, kilns and spray driers.

The unit can operate as a single butterfly, or as a dual (double) unit. In both modes, only a single common actuator motor is required, resulting in significant cost savings.

The motor is fully controllable and provides full control over the opening frequency and speed.

Size range:50-300mm
Materials of constructionMild steel/Stainless steel (316)
Valve seat:Silicone rubber
No of butterfly flaps:Single/Dual
Temperature: Ambient to 250°C
Max cycle rate:0-60cycles/min
Actuator:Direct drive electric motor, spring return, normally closed
Flange bolting:SABS 1123/BS4504

Explosion Relief Valve

Design_Explosion Relief Valve 1Design_Explosion Relief Valve 2
The explosion relief valve provides a cost-effective means to safely relieve pressure in a vessel should a sudden pressure increase be experienced. In the normally- closed position the explosion relief valve offers a low- pressure air seal. The pressure for relief can be adjusted to suite requirements. Typical applications include vessels containing explosive or flammable materials. The valve is intended for use on non-pressure vessel applications such as tanks, silos and ovens.

The valve can be fitted with a number of instruments for monitoring purposes if required.

Size range:Square or round- 50 – 500mm
Materials of constructionMild steel/Stainless steel. Can be refractory lined if required.
Valve seat:Steel/Gasket material as per requirement
Pressure:0.1kPa(g) -10kPa
Temperature: Ambient to 800°C
Actuator:None, Spring loaded, normally closed

Shaft-less Screw Feeder

Design_Shaftless Screw Feeder 1Design_Shaftless Screw Feeder 2
The shaft-less screw feeder provides a cost-effective means to continuously transport a wide range of bulk materials and particle size ranges. Typical applications include transport of grains, agricultural waste, fibrous materials, plastics, sludge dewatering and municipal solids waste (MSW).

The unit can operate in forward or reverse rotational directions without modifications. Customised screws can be manufactured to suit a wide range of materials and applications. Rotation sequences can be programmed for the feeder providing full control over the speed and direction of feed.

Inlet and outlet configuration customisable to fit requirements.
Orientation of feeder customisable to fit requirements.
Diameter size range of feeder chamber:50-300mm
Length size range:500mm – 4000mm
Body materials of construction:Application specific: Mild steel/VRN/Stainless steel
Shaft-less screw material of construction:Application specific: Mild steel/VRN/Stainless steel
Particle size range:0,1mm – 50mm
Temperature:Ambient to 250°C
Angle of Incline:0-90°
Operating speed:0-120rpm
Drive:12V Direct/240/400V geared motor
Circular flange bolting:SABS 1123/BS4504
Square flange bolting:As per requirement


  •  Batch Gasifier
  • Tube ESP
  • Flyback Transformer
  • Instruments and Logging system
  • Carburettor 

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  • Batch gasifier 


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Dr Gerard van Harmelen

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